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What Is Employer Branding?

There are many differentiating values ​​that can get a company on the road to success, or that its strategy ends up being a failure. More and more entities are devoting more resources to improving their value proposition and reputation .

They shape different strategies that allow the recruitment, attraction and retention of talent, while reinforcing commitment.

This is where the concept of employer branding comes into play … Did you know that around 62% of companies consider employer branding to be a priority?

If you want to know why it is so important, and its relationship with talent, keep reading.

Employer Branding Concept

Employer Branding (can be translated as employer brand) is a concept that is related to the reputation of the company; in other words, with the image that is projected to the workers and to potential employees.

With this, it is achieved that current employees improve their loyalty to the company and that applicants have more desire to be part of the company’s staff.

The main objective of employer branding is to create a series of actions that make it possible to attract and retain the talent that is needed in the entity.

Are you wondering how to improve the employer branding of a company? The most recommended thing is to offer training to the HR department, among others, so that they learn how to manage talent. The organizing entity Fundae offers training courses that may be interesting for the entity.

You can have a subsidized training company to get the courses at a very affordable price.

How to improve the employer branding of a company? strategies that work

1. Creating reward plans

The company must learn to recognize the talent and work of the worker , since this is part of what is known as emotional salary .

Thanks to this, the employee is better off, more motivated and loyal to the entity.

2. Encourage a good work environment

Establishing a good work environment is vital to retaining employees. In addition, this can get them to become ambassadors of the company .

A good resource that can be used to improve this environment are work environment surveys .

3. Establishment of fluid communication

Companies must establish solid communication protocols that extend at different levels (both horizontally, vertically or transversally).

Employees should have the option to give feedback to feel heard.

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