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5 Reasons Why THC Should Be Avoided When Using CBD Vape Cartridges

You’ve probably read a lot of articles about THC being a no-no ingredient in a CBD product. The article may have been in the form of testimony or research. And it doesn’t matter what form the products take in, be it vaping products, soap, gummies, prerolls, or even salves. CBD users opt to check their chosen CBD product’s website to check on things like COA and lab reports and make sure THC is absent.

The people using these products vary, as 18% of CBD customers who are busy often take capsules for a faster administration. 13% of them (read more), on the other hand, are interested in vaping products. We can only surmise these are the younger age group of overall CBD users. Have you figured out why THC isn’t welcome in any of these products yet? Well, read on and discover the reasons for yourself!

First, What Is THC?

You can view this phytocannabinoid as the “ugly,” albeit more popular twin. THC is sister compounds with CBD and is well-known for its presence biologically in marijuana. As it is formally known, Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive agent that causes the users to get high when a certain threshold is reached. As such, Tetrahydrocannabinol is the reason marijuana is considered a schedule 1 drug.

A schedule is the FDA’s (Food and Drug Administration) way of placing potentially addictive drugs and substances into categories. Schedule 1 means the drug or substance has a very high chance of making the user-dependent and addicted. In contrast, Schedule 5 means there is little to no incidence of the drug or substance causing a psychological cripple to the user. THC belongs in the schedule 1 category, while its less popular twin, CBD, belongs to Schedule 5.

THC was used way before it was named THC and deemed to be psychoactive. Ancient Chinese villagers once accidentally smoked many marijuana and hemp with fire, thus causing many negative and positive effects to the village nearby. However, according to its wiki here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrahydrocannabinol#History, it was discovered in 1969. Its founders Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel Gaoni isolated and elucidated it in Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

Since then, many studies and research have been focused on THC, so much so that its more beneficial counterpart Cannabidiol was either overshadowed or stigmatized in the process. Cannabidiol has more health advantages than marijuana and is, by far, much safer to use. Not only does it not cause dependence, but it can also actually address it! It’s not categorized as schedule 5 for nothing!

5 Reasons Why THC Is Holistically Bad For You

It’s Illegal In Most States

When a drug or substance is deemed a schedule 1 drug, it can be safe to assume it is also illegal in some states. Along with marijuana, there is also ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), and Heroin in this category. Getting caught selling or using it illegally inside a state that disallows it can land you in prison for an extensive amount of jail time or cause you a very hefty fine.

You may think smoking can be virtually impossible to trace, especially when you smoke the entire roll of THC, but there are accurate urine tests that can detect THC residue within an hour. With CBD, you won’t get a positive drug test, and it isn’t illegal or restricted in any of the states across the US. A medicinal drug has already been made derived from CBD, which is named Epidiolex, an anticonvulsive for children over a year old.

It Can Cause Many Health Problems

THC is usually smoked by users, which ties respiratory illnesses close to marijuana use. Those who use a vape cartridge with THC in the juice have been seen with the same side-effect and adverse effects as those using prerolls. Some studies find smoking marijuana has the same impact as smoking five cigarettes, thus, associating marijuana with lung cancer. This is due to the carcinogens present with the THC.

3. Steal Your Concentration And Rational Mind

When you use a product with high amounts of the substance, you enter a state of daze you sometimes can’t shake off for a whole day. This leaves you perpetually staring at a wall, incapacitated, or doing things you wouldn’t usually be doing. For gamblers, their descent to debts and addiction is often fast and severe due to alcohol and illegal drug use. These two elements are a deadly combo most of the time.

Most CBD-users shy away from marijuana and derived products solely because of this reason. CBD can address their illnesses and disabilities without the devastating side-effects THC can impact negatively on your body.

It Can Stunt Physical And Mental Growth

Studies have shown a significant gap in physical development and mental capacity for THC-users that fall in the early teens to young adulthood age range compared to their healthier counterparts. Our brains continue to develop even into our early 20s, which can be hindered with psychoactive agents used irresponsibly.

On top of that, female users are more susceptible to develop mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. They can also have one of the worst withdrawal episodes.

It Can Affect Your Unborn Child If You’re Pregnant

In their term, mothers who use marijuana have a higher risk of delivering underdeveloped, underweight, or premature babies. It can also lead to the child having withdrawal symptoms even before getting born or just after birth. This can be difficult to manage, as newborn babies have a lower body temperature, and marijuana use can lower your vital signs.

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