Four Tricks To Work Under Pressure And Not Die Trying

Working under pressure is something that we all need to know. Unfortunately, life does not go smoothly for anyone. Although we are the calmest people in the world, we will always have pressure situations daily in our lives and, why deny it, working with a bit of pressure is good to avoid getting into a loop of boredom.

Some people like to work under pressure and can remain calm in extreme situations. They know how to manage it so that stress does not overwhelm them or take them out of their boxes, and, most importantly, they can handle it outside of their work.

Undoubtedly, to work under pressure, you learn, “we are animals of habit.” Therefore, if you do something regularly or have a specific situation for too long, you will end up getting used to it, and stopping doing it can become a complicated task to adapt to again. If you don’t feel like attending coaching sessions, here are four tips that will help you work under pressure and not die trying:

Keep calm

It is the first thing you should do. Those who like to work under pressure already know how to manage these emotions, but calming the nerves when they have almost taken over our body is a highly complex task for other human beings. You can try keeping your breathing even or doing something that takes away stress and nerves, like yelling or playing sports. Doing anything that can relax us is a good option, so do not hesitate and find your way of escape.

Be optimistic

Yes, easier said than done, but cheer up! This will help you to become aware and give the best of yourself. Without a doubt, you can do everything, and you should know that both with and without pressure, you will achieve your goals.


After keeping our nerves in check and being optimistic, we entered the third step: having absolute concentration. Focus on the tasks you have to do and put your five senses and skills to the full of giving the best of yourself.


You are already tempered, energetic, and mentalized about what you have to do. What is the next step? Study the situation. Follow your tasks point by point and put them in a simple and effective order for you. Take notes, make small notes, and remember that anything helpful to you to avoid losing the thread of work will be welcome. Of course, always look for efficiency so that nothing at all escapes you.

Now that you have the tools, you only need your little sandbox on your desk to prevent the situation from overflowing. Remember, manage your times well, and you will achieve that within the pressure, you can find a place of tranquility and thus prevent it from becoming a significant problem. The pressure must be one more competence that you will have to acquire.

If you’ve already tried everything and don’t know how to manage that pressure, you can sign up for one of our free courses for workers and freelancers.

In addition to all these guidelines, remember to rest well every day and disconnect from work in your free time. I hope you put these tips into practice and that they help you on a day-to-day basis. If you know of other tricks that may help, do not hesitate to leave us a comment. We love reading your opinions!

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