How Has Technology In Sports Marketing Improve Over Time?

Sports marketing has been one of the more effective ways of making the next generation of fans for a specific athlete, team, or sport. Through the use of technological advancements, we are able to see how much interest is drawn to a specific significant event and exactly why. Gone are the days when we need to take a straw poll to decide how to make changes and improvements. Today, we are going to dive into some of the technologies that have helped improve the sports marketing field as a whole.

Generating MLB stats to incorporate into some sports marketing has always been a tried and true way to keep fans in the ballpark invested. If a pitcher gets 10 strikeouts then every fan receives a free drink or something along those lines goes a long way. With the ways technology continues improving year in and year out, there are a bunch of other ways to do this as well.

Fantasy Sports

There is no question that the significance of fantasy sports has improved the product as a whole. It has helped make players more sought out in a way that we have not seen since the glory days of trading cards. Players want to see their fantasy players on the field of play and that helps make teams and athletes understand who is the most popular.

The technology in fantasy sports really helps as teams use this information to decide what matchups they are going to want to highlight, what promotional items are going to be used, and so much more. It’s not just information between you and your buddies, it’s helping shape the league as a whole.

Making the Stadium Atmosphere More Accessible

Remember when we used to have to wait in line for concessions and food or when we would have long lines waiting as people were searching for their tickets? Now, with the use of technology we have the ability to eliminate that by using the one thing everyone seems to be obsessed with: your cell phone.

In Major League Baseball, they have decided to go completely cashless with one reason being to make quicker transactions and less waiting in line. People can pay inside of their MLB Ballpark app or use a debit/credit card to complete transactions.

Through the app, you also have the ability to order concessions and other things around the ballpark without leaving your seat. It is a cool way for the franchises to track what is and is not popular with the paying public and eliminate the hassle of a long line waiting for something because of the exchange of cash and creating the correct amount of change.

Another incredible thing that has really enhanced the sports marketing is the social media aspect of the game. Teams are posting highlights on their social media pages and athletes are also getting in the fun as well.

One example was the Tampa Bay Rays having a throwback Orlando Magic jersey with Tampa Bay on the front with Brett Phillips name and jersey number on the back. After the game, he decided to announce on his Instagram page that he will sign the jerseys for an hour and that made the typically less-than-ideal attendance figures for the Rays surge.

Other players do things like have their social media team find players sitting with signs posted on their social pages to bring autographs and memorabilia so these are just some ways that marketing to sports fans can really continue to improve over time with the use of technology.


Sports fans want to see their teams and their players do well and each team, whether you want to admit it or not, has incredible followings. These are just some ways that technology has helped the sports marketing departments figure out how to make some improvements but there are countless other ways. Which way is your favorite?

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