Why Is Technology So Important In The World Of Soccer?

Technology in the world of soccer has been one of the sports that has not seen a drastic shift in the way the game has played due to analytics or anything like that. Technology has made the game a lot better for players, coaches, fans, and front office members and today we are going to discuss a few technological advances that have really helped the game continue to grow as well as it has over time.

Whether it’s goal-line technology to determine a good goal, athlete fitness tracking to improve performance, or advanced analytics to make more accurate Bundesliga predictions, the evolutions of sports and technology go hand in hand.

Goal-Line Technology

One of the biggest issues that can pop up in soccer is having to figure out if a goal has crossed the goal line or if the goalkeeper made the save in time. With the scoring in the sport so low, these are arguably the most critical scoring options in all of sports and making sure the call is made correctly is significant. Using technology to make sure the instant replay factor is incredibly accurate will help.

The technology is having 14 cameras that are shooting up to 500 frames per second to send the image of the soccer ball to an image capturing system and the three-dimensional coordinates of the ball is monitored to tell if the ball was able to cross the goal line or not. The signal is sent to the watch of the referee and that makes the game not be delayed too long to figure this out. Getting the call right is the most critical thing and being able to see that with instant replay can really help make the sport even better.

Making sure the call on the field is completely accurate is going to help you place your Bundesliga picks with extreme accuracy and get you some better odds throughout as eliminating the human error in a call is critical to get the correct winner and loser of the games.

Electronic Performance and Tracking System (EPTS)

The electronic performance and tracking system is not unique to the world of soccer as this is also being tracked in basketball now as well. This is to enhance and control player’s performance by tracking the player’s conditions with heart rate monitors and other numbers to make sure the player is not overexerting themselves and becoming susceptible to injury. The medical team has access to this information at all times as well as the coach, so making sure the players are healthy is key to this being successful.

This device can track a lot of things such as the distance a person has run, the heart rate of a player at any time, and so much more to make sure they are completely healthy both during practices and game situations. This technology is literally saving some players lives as we never had this type of access to information before and could see players fainting and sometimes even worse, due to the exhaustion levels but toughening it up for the team.

This definitely can really help make sure that we are making some extremely accurate Bundesliga predictions today and have all the information right in front of you.


Technology has really improved throughout the course of time, specifically in the last couple of decades as we are now able to quantify a lot of different things to make sure the sport as a whole continues to thrive. We only touched the surface of how technology continues to make soccer healthier for the players and a better product overall.

They have made sure that nothing is taken to chance and a once dangerous sport as you can collapse due to exhaustion or have a heart attack on the field are just stories of the past.

What other ways has technology improved the world of soccer?

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