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The Growth Of TikTok

During the confinements experienced as a result of the pandemic, social networks have experienced a sudden growth in their consumption. But if you have to make a ranking, TikTok is placed in first place by far.

This new social network has revolutionized the landscape with exponential growth in an apparently saturated market, dethroning stronger competitors like Facebook or Snapchat.

The 5 Reasons for the Success of TikTok

1. No registration required

Unlike most social networks, TikTok does not require registration if you just want to watch content. Many popular social networks have preview versions that restrict you over time or moves. TikTok lets you easily navigate through its interface.

2. The design is simple and addictive

One of the greatest virtues of this platform is the design of the interface. On a single screen we can comment, share, like or download the video itself, while it is playing. In addition, we will only need to slide up or down depending on whether we want to see more or go back.

3. It has one of the best current social media algorithms

Like many other social networks, TikTok learns our tastes to provide us with a tab in which the content we explore is personalized and unknown to the user. Its algorithm is based on many variables among which we can highlight, the time we watch each video, the type of content with which we interact, etc.

4. Creating videos is very easy

The youngest, ( TikTok ‘s target audience since its inception), who were born with YouTube and the new profession of content creator, see TikTok as the best tool to learn how to edit and produce videos. TikTok provides effects and music to be able to edit the videos from the same platform.

5. Going viral is easier

Much easier than with other social networks. As we have mentioned before, the TikTok interface favors the user’s navigation through the “for you” tab, exploring videos of unknown users. In addition, the algorithm facilitates these discoveries.

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