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SEO On Instagram: How To Take Advantage Of It?

Before you start applying SEO techniques to your account, you need to understand what it is and why it’s so important. It is a process that is used to optimize the positioning in search engines, that is, it improves the visibility of a website in search engine results.

Therefore, SEO on Instagram will allow you to configure your content so that it appears in as many locations as possible, from the content feed to the magnifying glass. This tactic is essential to maximize the viralization of your profile.

If your content is being discovered by more and more people, the greater the possibility of increasing your followers and the reach of your account.

What is its operation?

The algorithm of this social network processes and analyzes each data of the content that is published to classify it and establish which users may be interested. It is a process that is done automatically, but we can collaborate with Instagram by offering you more information that guides you in the direction that best suits us.

The probability of appearing between the “Search” 🔎and “Explore” results 🧭on Instagram will depend on the work you have invested in optimizing your SEO strategy and your content strategies. Using the magnifying glass you can search:

  • Names
  • Hashtags
  • locations
  • Sounds to use on reels
  • Keywords

5 essential SEO techniques for Instagram

  • Put keywords in the description: write in the publication the most relevant terms with which you want it to be positioned.
  • Add the keyword in your profile description: bio, account or username. If you have a business, make use of the term that most identifies your business activity because it will greatly enhance your account.
  • Use well-known hashtags: we tend to think that hashtags are irrelevant, but they are one of the best forms of SEO positioning on the networks. We must look for those that are closely related to the sector, the brand, the content of the post, the benefits or the business niche.
  • Use Alt Text: This is a feature that allows you to write more personalized and interesting copy for your posts.
  • Offer your stakeholders what they want: it is essential to focus on your goals and publish content that your audience likes to help you achieve them.

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