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Is The Internet Slow For You? Find Out How To Fix Speed Issues

We know! There is nothing worse than having problems with your connection when you are watching your favorite series or catching up with your friends’ stories on social networks. If you are wondering why the internet is slow, keep reading because we bring you the answers and solutions that you have been waiting for. Let’s go there!

why is the internet slow

Having to navigate with a slow Wi-Fi is one of the situations that perhaps we have all faced at least once in our lives. It is one of the most common problems that exist and, precisely for this reason, the cause of this slowness can be very varied. In general, when the internet is slow, different reasons can be behind it, the most common are:

  • Problems with the software or programs of the device you are using (especially if we are talking about computers and tablets). It can also happen if you have unknowingly installed some malicious program that may be slowing down your connection. In this sense, if you have a problematic extension installed on your browser, your connection speed may be affected.
  • Bad configuration of your WiFi: Unlike what happens with wired connections, Wi-Fi connections can give us more than one headache if they have not been configured correctly.
  • Interference with the WiFi signal: As much as possible, the router should be located in a place where there are no physical impediments to signal transmission.
  • Coverage problems: This usually happens when somewhere in the house or building the signal is weaker and therefore it is not received in the same way, which indicates that we will need a signal repeater.
  • The type of contracted rate: Depending on the plan you have, it may be that the upload and download speed you have to connect to the Internet falls short. And it is not the same to want to watch a series in super high definition when the speed at which you download information from the network is little or limited.

What can I do if my internet is slow?

Once we have seen the theory, let’s go to practice: how to solve the slow internet? Well, it’s quite simple. Although the causes can be varied, it is ideal to follow these steps if you detect that your internet is slow. Surely you do not fail:

  • The first thing you should do is check your router. You know, the usual trick: turn it on and off. Many times the solution is as simple as that.
  • Check your WiFi signal settings – This will not only help you see if there are any errors in how it is configured, but also to detect if there are any smartass neighbors that are taking advantage of your signal. If so, you should change the password to protect access to your WiFi.
  • Check if there are interferences in the space where the router is located. Ideally, there is no obstacle to the signal.
  • If the problem is that the WiFi does not reach a part of the house well, the solution is to install repeaters or signal amplifiers.
  • Keep the software of your devices up to date: for example, with our Windows computers, it would be enough to go to the Device Manager to update our network card (giving the option ‘Update driver’).
  • If the problem is due to the type of contracted rate, the ideal is to speak with your contracted operator to increase the speed of your Internet package.

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