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Entrepreneurial Skills For A Successful Business Creation Project

As an entrepreneur, you will have to mobilize your skills (or those of your team) in the service of the development of the company. Please note: entrepreneurship requires several types of quality. According to Christian Buryat, it is a process in three phases during which the project leader and the people who support him must mobilize several types of skills.

Take note: this will allow you to take stock of your possible “lacks” (you cannot have all the skills in the world) and to see which people you should surround yourself with.

1. The Intention To Create

At this point, your decision is not completely taken. You still hesitate to get started.

The skills to be mobilized:

  • Emotional skills (motivation, will, risk tolerance, autonomy)
  • Opportunity perception skills
  • Information literacy skills
  • Absorption capacity (various information)

2. The Shift From Intention To Action

Your decision is made! You are embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

The skills to be mobilized:

  • Skills in dealing with novelty, ambiguity and paradoxes.
  • Skills in method and project management
  • Learning propensity
  • Research, meeting and resource allocation skills required
  • Entrepreneurial skills in the creation
  • Strong involvement

3. The Action

This time, you are running your business.

The skills to be mobilized:

  • Skills for consolidating the positioning of the project and/or the new business
  • Project and new business development skills
  • Strategic skills
  • Social and relational skills

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The 10 Commandments Of A Successful Business Creation Project

To end this article on the conditions for your business success, take note of the following points!

  • The right team you will build: with associates, partners, relatives, advice … in short, people on whom you can rely, you can discuss and take a step back. But beware, everyone can make their contribution, but you should only count on yourself to act and succeed!
  • The “mind” you will have: Think that you will get there and be determined. Accept uncertainty and adapt constantly, which means “listening to the market” constantly and adapting.
  • You will find the right path: Be sure that being “self-employed”, “boss”, “entrepreneur” is a situation that inspires you.
  • The “right” idea you will choose: Choose an activity that meets a customer need in a given context. Whether innovative or not. The main thing is that there is a market to be satisfied! But, above all, choose an activity in which you will flourish!
  • The course you will draw: Know where you want to go and why (vision and mission) and build an action plan to succeed (strategy) even if you have to adapt it regularly. Whatever the size of your business, whatever its activity, this is necessary
  • From your mistakes, you will learn: It is normal to make mistakes, especially in a new profession and perhaps a new activity, but remember what did not “work” to improve your various processes.
  • The good actions you will lead: Thinking is good and essential in entrepreneurship but, acting is fundamental: You think, you implement, you analyze the result, you decide to continue in this way or to correct the action according to results!
  • You will manage rigorously: Be rigorous, do not neglect management and do not forget communication: quotes, invoices, declarations, reminders of prospects, clients who have not paid, prospecting, communication actions, meeting with prescribers, customer satisfaction survey … You can’t just “produce”.
  • Your loved ones will reassure you: Make sure that your loved ones support you, listen to them and explain to them what you are doing (without devoting all your conversations to this subject!)
  • On-standby you will stay: Stay on standby. Sign up for newsletters, go to trade fairs, go to entrepreneurs’ clubs … Make sure you anticipate the market, technological or regulatory changes to adapt your business.

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