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Have you ever heard the name Rupeetub? Well, people who want to earn money without any effort and people who search for online earning money know well about this name Rupeetub. Usually, people try to get money from online sources effortlessly by doing simple tasks. In this way, based on the people’s intentions, many websites came to the limelight to attract people towards their websites by promoting them as easy earnings. After viewing these promotions, several people get their hands on these websites and applications for easy-earning money.

There are several websites out there for earning money for simple tasks. But all these easy money-earning websites or applications are not legit. The money withdrawal process of those earning sites and applications doesn’t have a clear format, and they defraud people as they provide the amount for small tasks, and they swallow people’s time. Many people have already experienced these fraudulent websites and applications and wasted their time doing assigned tasks, and finally, they didn’t get the payment. You can check the reviews of existing users of these money-earning sites for genuine existing people’s experiences with those applications.

What is Ruppetub?

Rupeetub is a website where you can get easy earnings with less effort, like doing a few easy tasks. This Rupee tub effectively gains people’s attention as it is famous for money earnings and is also available in application format along with the website. Anyone can easily access this website with a simple interface, and even the tasks are simple. There are three ways of earning money on this Rupeetub website watching videos, surveys, and referrals.

When you can check the website details, you never get any details of the website as it is entirely an unknown resource for earning money, and there is no assurance of getting money after finishing those tasks. It consumes your valuable time and doesn’t provide anyone with a single rupee. But it is very famous among people because, in the initial stage, the website gives little money to attract people, and later, they utterly stop providing withdrawal amounts by increasing the unending process. You don’t get any contact details from the Rupeetub website for any queries. They don’t provide any guidelines on how you will rectify the withdrawal issues.

You can hear a lot about Rupeetub, and further in this article, you can see the process of accessing and much more information related to this website.

The registration process for the Rupeetub website

The registration process on the Rupeetub website is easy, and for signing up, you will get 250 /- as a bonus which indicates that when you sign up for the first time, you will have 250 rupees in your Rupee tub account. Here is the process of how it will start.

  • Open the supported web browser, and search for the Rupeetub website, click on the appropriate URL to open the website.
  • When you open the website, you can see the registration option on the right side of the Rupee tub website. Click on it, and you will land on a page where the process will start.
  • As a part of the registration process, you should enter your name, email id, and password. Click on the registration option to finish the process.

With this process, you can conveniently complete the registration process on the Rupeetub website.

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Different ways of earning money on the Rupeetub website

As mentioned earlier, there are three ways of earning money on the website. You should complete simple tasks. You don’t require any skills and effort. The available earning ways are as follows.

Watching Videos

Watching videos online is one of the tasks. People select this task to earn money as it is easy, and all you need is an internet connection. You don’t need to put in any effort. These videos include movie trailers, advertisements, tv shows, and many more. Anyone can watch these videos for each video with 35mins, and they will get 20 to 50 rupees.

All these videos are from different brands of platforms, and the Rupeetub website has 150 brands of partners to provide videos to users for promotional purposes. It means everyone will get several videos to watch and earn money by simply watching those videos.


You can see the option of surveys on the Rupeetub website, and when you select it, you can view the different types of surveys available on the website. You can earn an amount of 70 rupees for each survey. You can also see simple tasks in the survey slots that give you more money, like 250 rupees.

The disadvantage of this way of earning is the surveys are not accessible to complete, and you can’t get many surveys as it provides only a few. They indicate that the amount you earned will automatically add to your Rupeetub account within 15-17 mins. But, people could not finish even one survey because of technical issues.


Almost every commercial app or website has this option of referring others, and everyone who refers to this Rupeetub will get 50 rupees after referral signup into a Rupee tub account. This method of earning is simple and easy, as all you must do is find some people and refer them to this Rupeetub website. It entirely depends on the known people for you to earn a decent amount, and you should follow the rule of signing up for referrals.

The money withdrawal process from the Rupeetub account

When you reach Rs.5000/-, you can withdraw your amount from the Rupeetub account, and the starting process is simple, but when you are going through further procedures to get your amount, it will become an additional thug and risky too. The steps to follow for withdrawal are as follows.

  • After opening the Rupeetub website, you will see the withdrawal option and click on it to open.
  • You should note that you can withdraw your amount only after you get 5000 /- rupees.
  • You have four options to get your amount from the Rupeetub account, and the withdrawal options are Phonepe, Paytm, Amazonpay, and Paypal.
  • Choose a suitable option, click proceed, and enter your UPI id or registered number.
  • If you earn money by only watching videos, then at this level of the payment process, it will ask you to refer this app to 25 members and must download ten survey apps.
  • After completing the referral and survey app downloading, click on the finish verification.
  • Then, it automatically shows you the debited amount in your Rupeetub account with a highlight note.
  • That note says, “Your next payment is estimated to be 5002 rupees and will be paid after fraud verification. Click here to complete it”.
  • Clicking on the highlight note will start the fraud verification, which means it will check whether you refer and download.
  • After completing the fraud verification successfully, you will reach the previous page and click on finish verification.
  • Again, you will get a pop-up with info about the KYC failure, and to complete it, you must download the KYC document and upload it on the Rupeetub.
  • Even after uploading the document, it will take you to the other link where you must complete the online test.
  • After submitting the test, another link will open, and the loop will continue.

In this way, you will be stuck in this process, and at one stage, you will get irritation that may lead you to leave that application or website, but you won’t get even a single paisa.

Can you withdraw your money from Rupeetub?

As mentioned earlier, the present Rupeetub doesn’t allow anyone to withdraw their amount, as it irritates them with the looping fraud verification process. Even when you complete all the verification tasks, you cannot get your earned money.

Wrapping up

Any application or website that comes with easy earnings is not genuine, and sometimes using those kinds of apps or sites may cause risk to the users. Rupeetub is one such website that lets users earn easy money. During the withdrawal process, it asks you to download some unwanted apps and makes you allow unknown sources into your device. Everyone is familiar with incidents where installing unspecified apps from untrusted sites may bring uninvited risk to you and your device.

In this article, you can see complete information about the Rupee tub website, and it is purely for educational purposes but not encouraging those apps and websites. Based on the existing user reviews on the internet, they indicate that the Rupeetub application or website is entirely a scam and not trustworthy to use. As a friendly suggestion, try to avoid effortless earnings and keep searching for legal and work-related apps and sites carefully.

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