From 0 to 100 – How To Increase Your Social Media Reach

Have you already placed your company on social media, but are you unsuccessful? Or do you feel like you’re just not reaching enough social media users? In this article we will show you how to increase your reach on social networks and what can help to distribute your content in a targeted manner. This is how you inspire as many potential customers as possible about your company.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Co have become an integral part of our everyday lives and are estimated to be used by 4.41 billion people worldwide by 2025. [3] They have therefore been gaining in relevance for companies for years and are already an integral part of marketing communication for many. The high number of users gives your company the chance to be seen by billions of people and to build a large social media reach. But not only in consumer markets does social media have numerous advantages for your company, it can also contribute to success if you are active in business-to-business (B-to-B) markets.

You have already developed your strategy and are now asking yourself how you can become visible to more users and increase your reach in social networks? In this article we have 10 tips for you on how you can do this!

What is Social Media Reach?

Social media reach, also known as reach, is the sum of the unique people who saw your content . It is a key figure, a so-called Key Performance Indicator (KPI), which needs to be increased. You can then use this to measure the relative success of your social media efforts in relation to that goal.

In contrast to reach, for example, the key figure “impressions” describes how often a post was viewed overall. For example, if a person sees the same post twice, the reach is 1, but the impressions are 2. So double views of the same post from a single person also count.

  • Organic reach: If you like, share, save and comment on a post or click on links and videos it contains, the reach increases organically.
  • Paid reach: Paid reach is everyone who has seen a post sponsored by your business. This means that you paid money for the contribution to be played out to people, thereby increasing your reach.

10 tips for more reach

What else can you do besides posting continuously on your social media channels to increase your reach? We have 10 tips:

  • Post relevant content: In order to generate engagement, you need to produce content that elicits a response from users. That depends on your target group and your industry, your company values ​​and the product or service you offer. In general, however, a content mix makes sense. Share informative, entertaining, inspiring and relevant content. For example, post behind the scenes content, go live and explain how your product is used, create graphics with information from studies that prove the effectiveness of your product, or introduce your team. This is how you address a broad group of people.
  • Publish at the right times: To ensure your posts don’t get lost in the crowd and are seen by as many people as possible, you need to find out when users are most active. In the Meta Business Suite, these are displayed for your Instagram and Facebook account. For other channels, test when you get the most engagement.
  • Use #hashtags: Use hashtags for your post. This is a tag that allows you to assign your post to a topic. If users search for this topic, your contribution will be displayed to them. Depending on the platform, a different number is recommended and this can change again quickly. Therefore, research in advance where you should use how many hashtags.
  • Enter into partnerships with other companies: Check whether cooperation with other companies is worthwhile for you. If they post your contributions, you will reach a new community.
  • Push your profiles with influencer collaborations: In addition to collaborations with other companies, you can hire influencers to advertise your product or service. Make sure that the people fit your company and match your values.
  • Sweepstakes/ raffles: Sweepstakes and raffles help draw attention to your company and make it better known. Users tend to share posts and invite their friend: inside to do so. Both increase your range. In addition, the interaction increases significantly. If comments and likes are a prerequisite for taking part in the competition, this motivates the users to give them to you. At the same time, you build customer loyalty. It is important that you pay attention to legal provisions when carrying out such actions.
  • User-generated content: User-generated content is contributions from your community. This could be, for example, posts where your company is mentioned, your service is rated or your product is tested. Share this. This will make you more authentic and credible at the same time, increasing interaction on your profile.
  • Interact with your followers: This includes replying to comments and messages. Also, get involved in discussions that are happening related to your industry, product, or a topic in which you have expertise. This is how you build a bond between your company and social media users.
  • Use Social Media Advertising (SMA): SMA are paid advertisements that are displayed to users on the social media platforms. Before investing any money and advertising, you need to understand how each platform works and where your target audience is. Set yourself clear goals and don’t go over your budget.
  • Continuously evaluate your social media activity: Check the effectiveness of your applied strategy to see if the desired goal is achieved. If the desired result has not yet been achieved, you can evaluate which measures are successful and which need to be adjusted or revised. How do you proceed?

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