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How To Make An Online Store Step By Step

Online stores offer multiple advantages. An ideal entrepreneurship option both for those who already have a physical business and for those who are starting out for the first time. Today we want to show you how you can create your online store step by step in order to start your business journey in the best way.

E-commerce is already part of our lives. The number of people who make purchases online on a regular basis has grown remarkably in recent years. This is why we are facing one of the best moments to open an online store .

Make an online store step by step

If you are one of those who think that creating an online store requires a large investment, we want to tell you that you are wrong. However, you will have to spend a lot of time on it. Especially in its beginnings, since it is not enough to design a web page for your business . You will have to work on different tasks, including SEO positioning , to make it visible, attract customers and generate sales.

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These are some of the fundamental steps you must follow to create your online store.

The name and domain of the store

The first thing you will have to do is choose the web domain or the name for your store . We are talking here about what will represent your business, so it is preferable to choose a domain and a name that will be remembered and give it visibility. Likewise, it is advisable that it be short and descriptive, in addition to including a keyword to gain positioning in search engines.

Choose the hosting

To create your online store step by step, you need to have a hosting. The hosting is the space or the service provider in which the page of your ecommerce will be hosted. In this space all the data and files that you upload to the internet are stored. The ideal is to find a quality hosting suitable for your business. Check the charging speed it offers you, the storage capacity, the technical service, etc.

The management platform

If you are a regular at our blog, you will have seen that we talk on numerous occasions about Prestashop, Woocommerce or Magento . These management platforms are essential to create your online store and sell your products. In fact, they are in charge of managing the store, placing orders, controlling stock and the status of shipments, etc. Choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your business.

Create an online advertising campaign

Once you have your online store, it is necessary to make it known to attract potential customers. A good option for this is paid ads . A good example is CPC (cost per click) ads, which only have to pay for each click on the ad displayed. This advertising campaign is perfect if what you want is to attract traffic to your online store.

Work in online marketing

As we mentioned before, it is not enough to have an attractive design in your e-commerce. You need to work on SEO positioning to place your business at the top of search engines and attract visitors. In addition, it is essential that you take your business to social networks to promote it, give it visibility and be in contact with users. Social networks have become essential for any online store.

Create the blog of your online store

Finally, once you have your online store, nothing better than creating a blog . This tool is ideal for achieving better ecommerce positioning and attracting quality traffic. You can use the blog to describe products, make promotions, discuss topics of interest to users and that are related to your store, etc.

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