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Think Dyson When You Go To Buy Your New Vacuum!

Buying a new vacuum is one of those inconvenient purchases we only make a few times in our lifetime! But there is actually some very cool technology available now that can make your life easier when cleaning your home. Better still, it can make your home a much cleaner, fresher place!

Read on to find out why you should think Dyson when you go to buy a new vacuum!

The secret is in the technology

Really it is no secret at all – Dyson is one of the leading manufacturers in research and development, and this is reflected in the quality of technology on display in their portfolio.

From the slim designs to highly powerful suction capabilities, Dyson machines offer all kinds of functionalities that older vacuums can only dream of!

Dyson utilizes laser technology to create intelligent detection. With this the device can attribute the appropriate amount of power based on the dirt particles it is working with. This can save on battery life by applying lower power to fewer demanding tasks.

Built-in flexibility

A glance at a Dyson vacuum sale will show you that there is all kinds of choice when choosing a new machine. The units are offered in all kinds of shapes or sizes, and can be fitted with different heads or accessories depending on the task in hand.

Some Dyson cordless vacuums also have cool features such as LED displays that show you exactly how much battery life you have remaining. This can help you plan your cleaning schedules, or allow time for a quick coffee while your device recharges. You can pick up special prices on models featuring these display screens from a Dyson sale Australia.

On almost every Dyson vacuum, you can be assured of optimal capture rates for all kinds of dirt and grime. Even difficult to catch substances such as pet hair tangled in carpets can be fine tuned with a Dyson.

This is achieved with a feature called ‘boost mode’, which creates a stronger suction for a limited time where required. Although this impacts the battery life, it can save a lot of time and wasted effort by picking up every last unwanted scrap from your floor.

Putting your feet up!

After you have been to a Dyson sale, you can really start to reap the rewards! Most Dyson models feature ‘auto mode’, which uses intelligent technology to vary the suction levels between tile or wood floor and carpet.

This serves to maximize battery life, while protecting your surfaces and ensuring all dirt is picked up without having to go back over the same area numerous times.

The only trick is to choose the right Dyson model to best fit your home – as well as your personal factors such as time and physical strength. You can make your choice based on the features of the devices, but also on your own tastes. You may prefer a lighter stick vacuum for bedrooms and your car, but an upright model for your main rooms and kitchen.

Price versus quality

Everyone knows that there is a balance to be found with buying products, and vacuums are no different. A cheap price tag can seem appealing at the time, but when it fails after a couple of years with no manufacturers’ warranty left, the investment will not seem so wise then.

A better option is to make sure you compare apples with apples. Figure out your top budget you want to spend, and stick rigidly to it. But do some research within your price range to find the best possible fit. To do this, consult some online user reviews of Dyson products – this will help you figure out what models are best for similar requirements to your own. You will also find out things that the commercials do not tell you, like which accessories are useful and which are a bit of a gimmick.

Brand or budget?

There are a lot of good vacuum brands to choose from in the market today. From Dyson to Miele, you can find the right device for your budget.

Some less well-known brands also make competitive vacuums if you are shopping on a particularly low budget. Be sure to check the warranty with these, however, as 12 months is not much protection for a brand that is not a household name.

As you close in on your choice, try to focus on the functionality you need instead of being wowed by the latest commercials or technical aspects.

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