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Touch Screens For Your Business. Which One Do You Prefer?

Touch screens, the solution that offers a large amount of information and services with a simple swipe of the finger or a stylus.

We tell you the benefits of the best on the market, and you decide.

Touch screens, a must-have within organizations

Whether at any conference, at events, stands, or at team meetings, touch screens are becoming a must-have for companies and certain sectors such as healthcare, schools, etc.

Its benefits include the intuitive relationship between the user and the device.

Hence, touch screen technology is a rising trend, not only of the present but with enormous potential for the future. Especially in certain areas such as the Internet of Things. (link to IoT blog article).

Top Touch Screen Solutions

1. Clevertouch

First of all, Clevertouch is one of the touch screen manufacturers, which although it has a fairly wide range, is well known for its collaborative solutions in areas such as education.

Its PRO series of 65, 75, and 84 inches and with 4K resolution, has numerous functionalities such as panel ignition without the need for a computer.

2. SMART Board PRO Series

Very notable is also the PRO series of SmartBoard touchscreens.

They are interactive whiteboards especially interesting for many work environments and collaborative teams that want to work together with a single device. Ideal for meetings, presentations, or training, they allow the exchange of files or notes simultaneously.

It has several models, including the 7000 Pro, 6000 Pro, 2000 Pro series, or the Smart Room System for Skype for Business.

3. Google Jamboard

Consider one of the latest releases from the giant Google: its Jamboard.

A collaborative screen designed for remote meetings, developed in the cloud era, and to optimize workflow from different points.

This touch screen is fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, or computers and uses artificial intelligence that allows it to work with the Google G Suite package.

4. Cisco Webex Board

On the other hand, Cisco Webex Board is the all-in-one of Cisco’s touchscreens.

It’s a digital whiteboard, presentation, and video conferencing system on the same device.

In the 55 or 70-inch option with the 4K camera, it is ideal for business meetings and presentations, among other advantages.

5. Microsoft Surface Hub 2

Finally, it is Microsoft’s touch screen solution for collaborative spaces and that creates a great experience for employees, allows you to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and the cloud, among other technologies.

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