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Criminal Defense Marketing For The Contemporary Attorney

Newly certified criminal defense attorneys are finding it difficult to navigate in their careers using traditional marketing strategies. In the past, the norm has been that attorneys were older and more averse to using newspapers, billboards and park benches as their preferred marketing avenues. However, these avenues have since been replaced by mobile phones, websites and social media. For the discerning criminal defense attorney, it would be a mistake to dismiss these digital marketing tools and avenues.

Benefits of Criminal Defense Advertising

The average age of citizens in most countries is between 24-45 and currently this generation has embraced digital media as their only source of content, ranging from entertainment to informative content. Criminal defense advertising helps to connect criminal defense attorneys with these people in the modern digital world. There are obvious reasons to transition to digital advertising for when marketing for criminal defense attorneys. Some of these advantages are:

Digital Advertising Is Cheaper And Available Worldwide

The cost of putting up billboards and printing leaflets is higher as compared to creating a simple website and blog. Websites can range from $100 to $1000 depending on the complexity and for criminal defense websites, the simpler they are the better. Printing and buying advertising space on television or newspaper can cost higher. Furthermore, digital content can be consumed anywhere in the planet so long as there is internet coverage. This prevents you from geographical restraint and you can market to any country in the world.

Easily Scalable

With digital content and advertising, you can scale your market as much as you want. You can start with your state or local area and expand overtime, and this allows you to gain traction without burdening your capacity to deliver. You don’t want too many clients calling in when you are understaffed.

Segment Your Market to Fit Your Needs

Market segmentation is important if you want to reach the right type of client. You can segment based on age or region. For example, if you want to represent juvenile offenders then you simply put that as a criterion and your digital marketing tools, such as Search engine Optimization and adwords will be able to reach to that particular market segment. As a Criminal defense attorney, you will be able to create the right content to reach your preferred market without having to do it physically.

Choosing a Buyer Persona

As part of market segementation, you should create a buyer persona and create content that appeals to them. Given the wide range of jobs a criminal defense attorney can do, there are personas based on age, education or even type of crime. If you are targeting DUI offenders then through digital marketing tools, you can enhance your content and present the right legal advice through your website or socials.

In conclusion, the best approach is to consider your law firm as a separate business entity and run it as professionally as you can. Criminal defense advertising is crucial and once you understand the basics of digital marketing then you are on your way to running the best criminal defense marketing system for your firm.

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