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What Is Influencer Marketing?

The marketing of influencers is in the order of the day. It is increasingly common to see many companies betting on influencers to reach their target audience. It is a different way of connecting with the audience and transmitting the brand philosophy.

It is a strategy that seeks to strengthen ties between brands and their customers, being very useful to achieve more visibility on the Internet. In addition, it is really interesting to reach potential customers and enter new markets or segments.

The influencers are people with charisma, power of influence, and great communication skills. They are people who have managed to gain the trust of their followers and who have great credibility with them. In addition, they use a persuasive voice on their social networks and have become true opinion leaders.

Thanks to the ability of influencers to reach their followers, more and more brands are betting on them and including this figure in their marketing strategy.

What Is The Marketing Of Influencers?

The marketing of influencers is strategic marketing so popular that seeks to achieve effective links between brands and their customers. It is a way to get real connections and to increase brand engagement. In addition, if a company associates with a person who fits with its values, it will achieve more visibility and brand credibility.

It is a strategy that has the support of influential people in their sector and who are capable of transmitting messages in a credible way. However, it is important to choose the influencer well and properly analyze their profile to see if they convey the philosophy of the company. If not, it can create a reputational crisis.

On the one hand, if the campaigns with influencers are developed properly, you can achieve more visibility on social networks and get more engagement, as well as greater impact and conversions. In addition, there are different types of influencers and each one is focused on a different field, for example, travel, fashion, lifestyle, gastronomy, sport … And depending on the needs of each company, it is appropriate to bet on one or the other.

On the other hand, it is vitally important that the company pays attention to the number of followers and interactions before starting to work with it. It is also advisable to study the profile in-depth and see if it really fits with the needs of the brand. Another important aspect is to verify that the followers are real and that the influencer is not using any fake application.

In addition, it is necessary that every company will report on current legislation and how it is regulated current regulations regarding the marketing of influencers.

Who Are The Influencers And Profile Classes

As mentioned above, an influencer is a person who has a certain protagonist in a sector or field. This is also the case of celebrities since in most cases the profiles that have a greater number of followers are public figures. Many of them are known for being on television or being linked to the world of art, sports, or cinema, among others.

There are different classes of influencers: macro and micro. The micro-influencers are increasingly fashionable and the results obtained working with them are very positive. They have less than 50,000 followers, but a huge impact on their target audience. Practically all the messages they broadcast are shared by their followers since their engagement is very high.

Nowadays, many companies that have few resources are choosing to collaborate with micro-influencers, since people with more than 50,000 followers tend to ask for very high fees and are not available to any small or medium company.

In marketing, quality matters much more than quantity and, above all, it is essential not to carry out disguised advertising, but to bet on transmitting transparent and real messages. It is also important that all companies indicate when an advertising action is taking place. This can be indicated by a hashtag that says “ad” or a message that says “collaboration with the company in question.”

Advantages Of Betting On Micro-influencers

Here are some of the benefits of working with people with more specific follower communities.

  • These are people with a great capacity for influence in a very specific topic or area.
  • They are fluent in the language and have great communication skills.
  • They know how to reach their followers and what kinds of messages fit their posts.
  • They have a very loyal community that trusts what they say in each Instagram story or post in the feed.

With micro-influencers, very relevant actions can be carried out that can have a great economic impact on the company. You can send a product in exchange for a specific number of publications or stories or run a communication campaign to publicize a new product or service.

The most important thing is that every company is clear about its objectives and what type of strategy is the most appropriate in the situation in which it finds itself. It is necessary to analyze the environment, the needs of clients, and the competition and, from here, define a solid and coherent strategy.

You can also carry out events, sponsored publications, product reviews, or reviews, among other actions. It is a matter of meeting the influencer and seeing what fits the most with his person and his community.

How To Contact Influencers

With micro-influencers is often contacted directly via Instagram or social network that counts. You can also send them an email to their personal mail . However, influencers who accumulate many followers on their social networks, usually have a representative or are in the hands of an agency that manages their collaborations.

Referring to macro-influencers, the agency or its representative usually asks for a higher price because they take a commission percentage for each action that the influencer performs. And the higher the amount to pay, the higher the commission that the influencer’s collaborator takes. Their objective is to be intermediaries and pass the filter to collaborations to bet only on those that fit their profile.

Advantages Of Influencer Marketing

The main benefits of using techniques of marketing to influencers to attract new customers and gain more visibility are:

  • Increase in brand awareness and conversions.
  • Increase in the presence of the brand in social networks.
  • Increase in web traffic or towards a landing page.
  • Increase in positive messages about the company.
  • Possibility of reaching new market segments.
  • Possibility of promoting a product, service, or campaign.
  • Potential to reach younger generations who have a large presence on social media.
  • Increased return on investment.
  • Increase in the reputation and prestige of the brand.

How To Design A Campaign For Marketing Influencers?

To design a campaign with influencers, it is essential to know the objectives of the company and have a well-defined strategy. It is necessary to determine the strategy that you want to use in social networks since this will mark the type of collaboration that is carried out with the influential person.

There are a series of criteria that must be taken into account when making a campaign and choosing the influencer :

  • That fits with the products or services to be promoted.
  • That has an affinity with the brand.
  • That it has a community with a high degree of interaction.
  • That they elaborate valuable and quality content.
  • Be active on your social networks.

What Legal Restrictions Must Be Taken Into Account?

There are five rules on which each company must be extremely vigilant and must comply:

  • Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce. Commercial communications must be identified as such.
  • General Advertising Law. It is completely forbidden to make use of disguised advertising and that it is considered misleading. It is essential to use the hashtag #ad on Instagram since penalties can reach € 30,000.
  • Unfair competition. Going against competitors through the use of illicit and comparative advertising is strictly prohibited.
  • Legislation on the protection of honor, privacy, and self-image. Images cannot be used without the consent of the person who appears in them.
  • Intellectual and industrial property law. It is mandatory to respect copyright.
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