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How To Manage Your Commercial Prospecting Effectively With A CRM?

In the business world, acquiring a new customer is much more expensive than investing in retaining existing customers. In this sense, CRM software is an indispensable customer relationship management solution. It is seen as an undeniable opportunity when it comes to goal investing. But how to best manage this tool for its commercial prospect ? We tell you about it in this article.

Definition of commercial prospecting

As a reminder, commercial prospecting is the fact of looking for potential customers also called prospects. There are different methods such as telephone prospecting, canvassing, emailing or attending trade shows.

How to effectively organize your commercial prospecting?

All entrepreneurs and business owners know it: organizing a commercial prospect is not easy. When you want to embark on a commercial prospect, it is essential to focus on the opportunities to be seized. To do this, you must target the prospect’s need or problem and provide a solution through your product or service. If at the stage of targeting the need, you realize that your solution is not adequate, do not waste your time continuing this prospecting. It would be unproductive to invest in prospecting with an uncertain outcome.

For your commercial approach to be effective, it is recommended to have a global vision of your current and future objectives. Under these conditions, equipping yourself with a computer tool in order to carry out your prospecting is essential. It is, in fact, recommended to use a CRM for a better follow-up of prospects and for a better loyalty of your customers.

If you already use a prospecting tool such as Waalaxy, you have the option of connecting it with your CRM. Indeed, some CRMs offer to directly integrate prospecting solutions, or to import prospects via Excel lists.

Skipping a CRM solution increases gaps in actions, stress and sight-seeing. But you still need to have the right tool for your problem!

The CRM: an essential tool for prospecting!

The commercial domain brings together many actors such as prospects, customers, partners. The exchanges are numerous and it is not easy to manage everything.

In order not to scatter with the increase in contact channels, you must understand your target’s buying journey in its entirety. This will facilitate your ability to detect opportunities in relation to the behaviors of your prospects.

With the use of a CRM , your sales team will be able to understand, anticipate and manage the expectations of your current and potential customers. As a sales manager, your role is to use efficient means to boost the productivity of your sales force . It is therefore up to you to put in place a performance-based management.

In this, the CRM is an essential application. It allows you to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your team. It is also a way to strengthen the cohesion of salespeople while sharpening their competitive spirit. Objectives: management of opportunities, commercial follow-up, increase in the ROI of your marketing campaigns, etc. This opportunity management is greatly facilitated by the dynamic features of the Kanban pipeline. Indeed, the kanban view aims to help your team better manage the follow-up of potential customers by visualizing, for example, the number of opportunities to be seized or the negotiations in progress.

In business management, commercial CRM mainly responds to five issues

  • The empowerment of teams with the creation of a prospect file.
  • The integration of multi-channel which makes it possible to centralize customer data through contact management media: teleprospecting, social networks, direct mail, customer service, etc.
  • Reduction of management costs and optimization of expenses thanks to better targeting and automation of commercial actions.
  • The optimization of customer satisfaction based on a level of offer of adapted and personalized products and services.
  • Easy commercial follow-up, so that even the last salesperson to join the team would be able to quickly know the history of customers at a glance in the CRM.

How to choose a CRM adapted to your company?

To optimize your business management, the CRM software market offers a wide range of products. It is easy to get lost in this panoply of marketing solutions. Most CRM functionalities cover a similar field of action, but can sometimes be differentiated thanks to advanced applications, specializing in a distinctive need or in response to a particular market segment.

In other words, a CRM software can be evaluated on several aspects of use and characteristics. However, the best solution that can exist obviously remains the one that best meets your expectations, and naturally your capacity for investment. Assessing each CRM solution based on functionality, overall interface offering, upgrade cycles, interactions and marketing methods is an excellent approach to guide your choice. Intuitive, ergonomic and easy to use, a good CRM-type business management and monitoring tool must meet the intrinsic needs of your business.

It is therefore better to approach the question by asking yourself which CRM application is made for your organization and which will correspond perfectly to your ambitions. Also note that investing in such a CRM solution is not just a matter of acquiring and implementing software. In particular, it involves establishing a promising relationship with an approved service provider who can ensure the good quality of the support, its extension and its updating.

To this end, increase your productivity by familiarizing yourself with the prospecting management tool included in the KPulse solutions. By this means, you will simplify the work of your teams by planning commercial actions so as not to miss any opportunity. It is your organizational communication that will come out a winner with the perfect knowledge that you will have of your customers.

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