What Communication Channels For Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy accompanied by the right communication channels has become essential if you want to develop your business. Much more than that, a good strategy allows you to develop the visibility of your brand , acquire more traffic and sell your products and services online.

In addition, digital marketing allows you to target Internet users based on several criteria:

  • Their behaviour
  • their interests
  • Their location
  • Etc.

It is for this reason that it is important to choose the communication channels best suited to your strategy and objectives . Those that will allow you to best reach your target audience.

And since digital tools offer you a multitude of opportunities to communicate with your customers and prospects, we suggest you discover the 4 main ones to focus on:

  • Website
  • Social networks
  • emailing
  • The blog

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Let’s start with the website, which is one of the most important communication channels. Above all, it must represent your identity , your values ​​and your commitment. It’s your online storefront.

You can create this site yourself thanks to many online tools, or call on professionals in the creation of a website to bring even more credibility.

For your website to be of high quality, it must tick a few boxes:

  • Meet your objectives (are you looking for notoriety? Lead generation? An increase in your turnover?),
  • Have a cutting-edge technique (a responsive site, a powerful CMS, good accessibility, etc.),
  • Benefit from a good referencing (implementation of an SEO strategy),
  • Have a clear strategy for each phase of the customer journey (attract, convert, transform and retain).

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Social networks

Social networks have become essential communication channels in a digital marketing strategy.

They allow you to create and share high value-added content and thus directly engage your customers and prospects. These are great tools to promote your products and services.

Today, social networks are full of potential customers and help create a strong community. You thus remain attentive to the needs to best meet the expectations. However, with the number of social networks that exist, it is important to choose the one or those that will best suit your objectives and your target.

Facebook, the most used in France

Facebook targets people over 35. It makes it possible to connect Internet users who share common interests. For your business, it allows you to promote your products and services, expand your customer base and do targeted advertising.

Instagram, the visual network

Instagram targets people between the ages of 25 and 45 and allows people to share photos and videos. It represents the main social network of influencers. For your business, it allows you to reach new audiences, strengthen your customer relationship and sell.

LinkedIn, the network dedicated to professional relations

LinkedIn targets people over 35. It allows you to put professionals in contact and to keep up to date with news in your sector. It is the ideal social network to develop your employer brand and your image, find new customers and new business partners.

Twitter, the instantaneous and viral network

Twitter primarily targets people under the age of 40. It is a network which lives in the moment T and which makes it possible to make information very viral. This immediacy allows your company to respond to your customers and react immediately.

TikTok, the network of the youngest

TikTok, unlike other social networks, will instead target young people aged 11 to 24. It’s the perfect social network for sharing short, mostly humorous videos. However, this channel requires a significant investment because you have to constantly monitor trends that change from week to week.


Emailing is a tool consisting of setting up, through automation, the sending of emails to a specific contact list.

These emailing campaigns make it possible to target customers or prospects while allowing optimal follow-up . Emailing thus meets three objectives:

  • Increase its visibility
  • Acquire new customers
  • Retain existing customers

For this, there are many types of emails, such as:

  • Promotional email: it allows you to prospect, retain and boost your sales,
  • The newsletter: it allows information, to maintain the relationship and to create traffic on its website and social networks,
  • Prospecting email: it allows you to acquire new customers through lead nurturing.

Emailing has many advantages. This channel is inexpensive, easy to set up, ideal for acquisition and loyalty, and offers precise monitoring and well-controlled targeting.

To guide you in the best possible way, discover our advice for choosing the right emailing software.

The blog

Let’s finish with the blog, a real conversion tool . It allows you to improve your notoriety, show your expertise and generate new prospects.

For your blog to work, you must offer interesting, impactful content that answers the various questions your target is asking.

You must therefore be regular and create a well-thought-out editorial line . You can then share your articles on other communication channels such as your newsletter or social networks.

The most important thing is to link your blog to a SEO strategy in order to optimize your content and be well referenced on the various search engines. A good SEO strategy is therefore essential to attract new visitors.

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