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Virtual Phone Number: Predominant Features And Peculiarities

Lots of commercial companies decide to enter the big market somewhere down the line. This requires a special virtual number. It may look like a landline number for a particular region or city. Even when the physical headquarters of the company are located in a different location, the customers will think that they are contacting a local company. This procedure increases the confidence of potential clients, who are more likely to cooperate with landline number owners. The service is relevant for those companies, which are running in several regions of the country. You can become a virtual number (VN) owner in a short time frame. In most cases, the connection procedure takes 10-15 minutes, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours (this depends on the IP-provider opportunities).

Why Is Such a Solution Profitable?

This form of communication has a large number of positive characteristics. Here are the most basic ones.

  • Simple ordering process. You just have to top up a balance, check the subscription period, buy a virtual number, and that’s it.
  • There’s a minimization and optimization of costs (by reducing the number of employees required to service subscriber numbers, both at the headquarters and its branch offices).
  • You get the perfect call quality.
  • A virtual number provider provides anonymity and confidentiality of data for those wishing to hide the organization’s location or other information.
  • The client gets effective 24/7 customer support.
  • Failure protection and communication stability are controlled by data centers, which guarantee high-quality security.
  • There is no need to buy special equipment and pay for its maintenance.
  • You can safely redirect calls.
  • There are no contracts. You don’t need to sign anything to get a desired number. The mentioned service is available at any time and the client can stop using it if required.
  • Routing calls according to selected scenarios.
  • The number is suitable for publication in business directories. Contacts can be left in various information channels, so it becomes much easier to find a company.
  • Receiving calls at any time of the day and distributing calls on weekdays.
  • Statistics and analytics of calls are also available. They are useful to find out the preferences of customers and debug the sale of services or products.
  • The staff productivity becomes increased, costs for its maintenance are reduced, material resources are saved, and sales growth is stimulated by optimizing technological moments and simplifying the communication process.
  • Most existing and potential customers choose to do business with a local service provider. Using virtual numbers allows you to establish a local presence even without your physical presence.
  • The VN can significantly improve business loyalty. Having separate virtual numbers for different departments or functions, even if they are in the same place, will make the business seem bigger and enhance the brand image.
  • Background music can be used, so waiting at the other end of the line will be more pleasant.
  • You need the Internet and the device itself to use a virtual number. No telephone wires or special equipment is required.

The provider’s customer can get a multichannel number that will ensure the incoming calls forwarding to a group of employees, which practically excludes the likelihood of leaving a call unanswered. There’s also a possibility to create black lists for unwanted subscribers/callers and correctly ignore calls/messages from them. The virtual phone number from freezvon.com also offers such additions as an IVR menu, a greeting message, and the possibility to record calls for details of conversation getting.

The use of VN in combination with call logging and information recording in the database allows you to fully control the operators and the funds. Call restrictions on numbers setting can improve security and reduce costs. Having a security profile associated with a virtual number rather than a physical device prevents unauthorized user calls.

Supplementary Features

The VN can be used not only for calls but also to receive SMS. An independent IP-telephony provider can present a number exclusively for SMS receiving. Outwardly, the digital number for receiving messages is no different from the usual one. All messages are accumulated either in a separate mailbox or redirected to another convenient number. Users can check the SMS content using any mobile device (smartphone and tablet) or PC. Such a service is in demand by managers who are interested in this particular method of communication with clients.

Toll-free number 800 is also regarded as an excellent solution for business. A full-fledged call center or sales department can operate using one multichannel number. You pay for incoming calls and potential clients will most likely choose your company. Such a number maintains the trustworthiness of the company and increases its status in the eyes of the client and partner. The transfer and forwarding of calls occur instantly, the client won’t wait. You can get and process up to 100 calls at the same time. It is possible to synchronize the number and PBX with the website, as well as with the internal CRM system. Implementation of a voice menu for clients will unload company operators. The cloud storage service is used to keep all the recorded calls.

Today, virtual numbers are popular among small and medium-sized businesses. Representatives of organizations choose such numbers, focusing on their advantages and great opportunities in terms of serving a large number of customers at the same time. In other words, virtual numbers are regarded as a universal tool for solving a wide range of business problems. This option is the most preferable in modern conditions. You can reduce financial costs and successfully implement advertising campaigns with its help. Moreover, in comparison with cable-based telephony, using the Internet as a base allows you to benefit from new technologies with minimum expense.

Concerning the ordinary people who benefit from the VN using, they are interested in such a service due to their hobbies or some kind of professional activity. Use the digital number instead of your personal number to avoid spam and a huge number of advertising calls and ads.

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