Which Companies Need Local SEO?

Test the relevance for your company

Not sure whether local SEO is important for your company? At the end of this article, you can assess the advantages of local listing and why a digital presence is also crucial for a local company.

Local SEO – explained

The search for a local business is now also largely carried out via Google and other search engines. If we start a search, Google recognizes where we are based on the IP address, WiFi hotspots or GPS data. Based on this data, local results matching our search query are displayed. The “Local Pack”,, i.e. the results with a local reference, are displayed high up in the hit list. In addition, the user receives all relevant information: opening times, contact information, reviews.

Would you also like to appear in the Local Pack to make it easier for you to contact new customers? Then it would help if you had local SEO. This means all measures that lead to better placement in the Local Pack search results. A distinction is made between OnPage and OffPage measures. OnPage means that the optimization is carried out directly on your website. This includes locally relevant content, the integration of a map on the website or optimized metadata. Off-page measures are those that have nothing to do with your site. This includes ratings, listing in online directories, link building and other factors.

What does local SEO bring?

With Local SEO, you can positively influence several areas at the same time. First and foremost, it is about a better placement in the Local Pack, but this has some advantages. If your company lands in one of the coveted places in the Local Pack …

  • You get more clicks on your website
  • More visitors find their way into your business
  • You get more customer inquiries
  • You get more calls from interested customers
  • More potential applicants send you their documents

You can check that yourself right away. How many of these points also apply to you?

  1. Are you searching for local businesses on Google?
  2. Does your choice depend on the online reviews?
  3. Have you ever read the menu of a restaurant online before visiting?
  4. Do you use the phone number that Google shows you, or do you visit a company’s website first?
  5. Click on the first or the tenth hit in the list of results?
  6. Do you want to find when a tradesperson can be reached on Google or his website?
  7. Do you get annoyed if the search results do not match your query?
  8. Does a company seem serious to you if it cannot be found online?

Who should rely on local SEO?

There is a misconception that SEO measures are only something for large companies with a corresponding budget. Companies and service providers of all sizes can benefit from SEO – and local SEO is particularly effective for SMEs. Restaurants, cafes, hotels, workshops, hairdressers, handicraft businesses. They all benefit Thanks to the local findability and proximity to the users, especially small companies that can win new customers quickly.

Professional tip: Local SEO is a great tool, especially for all industries with limited advertising options. In this way, doctors or lawyers can also draw attention to themselves and attract attention.

Let us plan your strategy together – simply successful.

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