Five Digital Integrations That Will Facilitate Your Business Processes

Whether your business is online or physical, digitization is something that in the 21st century you should seriously consider if you have not done it yet, before it is too late.

According to recent studies, approximately 80% of companies do not know or cannot digitize. Each company is different, and the process also varies based on each business, but many activities can be applied to the vast majority of companies.

We will do a brief review of some of the integrations that will help you make the leap towards digital and assist you in the day-to-day running of your business.

The essential digital implementations to improve your business


Let’s start with the first thing: finances. Nowadays, having software to help you manage your company’s economy is the most common. Businesses of all types and sizes use programs that help keep numbers in order and up to date.

An ERP is used for basically everything: payroll, payments, collections, taxes, income statements, etc. Although some are not limited only to finances, the best ERP program also serves to have accounts, sales, purchases, warehouses, logistics, and human resources under a single program.

If you want to have everything under control in one place, your business will need an ERP.


If you know the importance of customers today, but it is difficult for you to manage all their data in a database or an extensive and confusing spreadsheet, we present you with CRM.

With a CRM, you have all the customer information in a single tool, with a simple, straightforward interface and a search engine capable of finding everything.

From your contact information to your level of satisfaction through the most purchased products. Forget spending hours looking for a client in files of which you only remember one piece of information. With a CRM, you will save time and significantly improve the relationship with your clients.


We continue with the complicated acronyms, similar but very different. If you have an online business or your company sells – or wants to start selling – through a website, you need a CMS.

This type of software is used to manage our website and online store content, from the presentation of the products, purchase options, discount codes, etc. With the suitable CMS, we can customize everything and have the website we always wanted.

We know the importance of having a beautiful, comfortable and functional page. For all that, you need a CSM.

Internal communication

You probably think it is unnecessary to have a digital program to communicate internally. Everyone already has prevalent messaging applications, or you can always speak in person.

It is partly true, but it is always better, for example, to separate personal and work communications. Having two different applications also helps us be able to separate ourselves from work and disconnect when we are not working.

Communication in person is acceptable and essential, but it is not always possible. Sometimes we don’t work in the same place, have an urgent message, or have time to go to another location to talk.

It seems simple and obvious, but it saves a lot of time, effort and communication is greatly improved by using applications made explicitly for work relationships.

Organization of tasks

Surely all workers already know their tasks, carry them out perfectly, and you think you don’t need to have a program to help you organize the functions of each one.

We are sorry to have to inform you that, almost in most cases, the company’s organization can constantly be improved and optimized.

Not all tasks are repetitive and periodic, and some have more urgency than others, a different deadline, or different people must carry out.

For all this, it is helpful to have a tool that helps you to have all the company’s tasks in an online dashboard.

You can assign them to different people and divide them by color, activity, date, participants, and thousands of more filters that adapt to your needs. In addition, it is accessible anywhere from any device and at any time.

Forget about the complicated physical boards that remain in the company, and nobody pays attention to them. Go to its digital version, more agile, comfortable, and, above all, practical.

These are just some of the digital integrations that your company can carry out. Although they are simply a starting point, we hope they help you understand what is being discussed regarding digitization.

Any advance that helps us make our work more bearable and our day-to-day business should be welcomed with open arms.

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