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Customer-centric Digitization Strategies Incorporate Focus

Customer-centric digitization strategies (customer experience services) are popular. However, the implementation of the projects is slowed down by the shortage of skilled workers. Therefore, the time has come for consulting service providers and digital agencies, who are now increasingly involved in the value-added process—results of a study.

The pressure on companies to drive their digital transformation is increasing, and Digital services are becoming increasingly important to differentiate oneself in the market and ensure survivability. One of the major tasks for the industry is to develop new data-based services, monetize sensor data and position itself in the global IoT platform economy.

Sectors such as logistics, trade or the financial industry face similar challenges in the platform economy. They have to set up digital channels and interfaces that are perceived as high quality by the customer to survive in the age of data-based platforms.

Intuitive and without media discontinuity

A prerequisite for the successful scaling of new digital business models is an intuitive, simple and media-free customer experience (customer experience) – which, however, often cannot be achieved on your own. The pressure to change and adapt to the digitization and the number of projects initiated is too high. But there is a lack of specialists and IT experts with skills in new technologies, a new customer journey and customer experience, and innovative, digital products. For this reason, cooperation with digital agencies and management and IT consultancies has increased significantly, as it needs strategic service partners.

Digital change affects the entire organization

There are also problems with project implementation. Two-thirds of the managers surveyed also admit that planned and initiated projects for digitizing customer interfaces and developing new products and business models have not been implemented in their company. The main reason for this, at 74 percent, is that too many projects and initiatives are running simultaneously, but not enough skilled workers are available. A lack of agile structures is the second cause (59 percent).

Service providers are increasingly being integrated more deeply into value creation

Since numerous companies are tackling new topics related to IoT, cloud, artificial intelligence, or digital marketing for the first time, there is a lack of experience in implementing technology concepts, developing prototypes, and scaling. For this reason, consulting and IT service providers are increasingly being integrated more deeply into value creation. At 94 percent, the innovative strength of the external partner and its industry and professional competence (90 percent) are most in demand. In addition, 69 percent attach great importance to dedicated creativity and design expertise and 68 percent to IT competence in integrating digital solutions into the backend processes.

Providers address an overall market worth billions

The portfolio of customer experience services providers is dominated by a few core elements, including software and system integration as part of customer experience projects, digital consulting, and process optimization.

The high demand from user companies for external support on topics related to the digitization of customer interfaces, new business models and digital processes is also reflected in the sales development of the analyzed service providers. For 77 percent of those surveyed, sales increased by more than 10 percent, and for a further 17 percent between 5 and 10 percent.

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