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Customer Retention: 11 Simple Measures To Keep Customers

Keeping customers is cheaper than winning new customers – you have already noticed that in your daily work. But how do you create good customer loyalty? In this post, we share 11 simple tips to keep your customers long-term.

Why customer loyalty makes sense

Acquiring new customers is usually expensive. Interested parties must first be convinced of the concept and offer of a company before they take hold. Quite different when marketing with existing and regular customers: They are already emotionally bound and have fewer hurdles. If you focus part of your marketing on this target group, you can achieve higher shopping baskets much faster.

In addition, the existing customer marketing – called retention marketing ! – also makes sense from another perspective: If customers access it repeatedly after a first purchase, the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) increases ! . In case of doubt, you can spend more budget for a new customer, since you can assume that you will recoup these expenses over the period of their existence as a customer.

In our article on retention marketing ! written down. In this article we give you useful and simple tips to improve customer loyalty.

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Simple tips to improve customer loyalty

Developing existing customers into repeat buyers is not a great art in itself. However, many companies are struggling with this. To get you started, we’ve collected 11 simple tricks you can use to improve your customer loyalty. Here we go.

1. Be personal and show your face

Golden rule number 1: Build customer trust. Even after the first order, customers should remain emotionally connected to you. The easiest way to do this is to introduce people in the company, show pictures and faces and create a personal atmosphere. For example, ask whether the customers have problems with their order or whether there are any unanswered questions. By addressing them personally, you create a closeness that is important for long-term relationships.

2. Take care of the customers

Check with customers to make sure everything is ok with their order. You not only create a good feeling, you also get valuable feedback. Ultimately, satisfaction is rewarded.

3. Give out coupons or vouchers

Simple but effective: thank your first-time buyers with a voucher for their next purchase. This increases the incentive for a second purchase and appears courteous and friendly.

4. Send samples and small gifts

Include a little surprise with the order that customers don’t expect. This can be a sample of another product or a small gift. Nice side effect: You make sure that customers get to know your product range and can convert them to other products more easily.

5. Loyalty or Customer Clubs

Create loyalty or customer clubs that give your regular customers regular benefits. This can be, for example, faster shipping, a permanent discount or exclusive access.

6. Make sure you have good support

Good customer service is part of the 1×1 of e-commerce – and is extremely important for customer loyalty. Take complaints seriously and try to address everything. Your number one goal should be to keep customers happy at all times.

7. Build automations for your existing customers

After the first purchase, you can automatically address and record existing customers via e-mail marketing. This saves you work and is particularly effective at the same time. You can read how marketing automation in e-commerce can help in our article on automation in e-commerce ! .

8. Provide enriching content

Keep your existing customers on their toes with good content. Interesting articles and useful information about your main topic ensure that they perceive you as an expert – the best basis for another purchase.

9. Get feedback

Are your customers satisfied with your products? Is anything missing? Get feedback from your existing customers to perfect the products, the purchasing process or the support. This in turn contributes to customer satisfaction and increases customer loyalty.

10. Be honest with your customers

Need to raise your prices? The delivery is late? That can happen and your customers can also show understanding for it. Be honest, transparent and explain yourself when something goes wrong. Honesty is appreciated by your customers.

11. Personalize the experience

If customers are shown what they are really interested in, this can also increase customer loyalty. Show customers relevant offers and content based on past purchases and other data. This makes for a better experience, which in turn reflects back on the brand.

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