Facebook Marketing Advantages For Companies

Why should your company be featured on Facebook? We explain the advantages of Facebook for companies.

How to get started with your own Facebook Company Page

Facebook offers you an easy entry into the world of social media marketing and social media networks. Your company benefits from a multitude of advantages in order to address customers directly in B2C marketing. But what are the special features and what are the special challenges for many companies? We would like to explain this to you in the following article and introduce you to the advantages of Facebook for successful social media marketing.

Why Facebook?

Facebook as a social media platform enables your company many new marketing approaches, but above all innovative and simple ways to offer products and your services to new prospects and existing customers. The product announcements or the next discount campaign do not always have to be presented. Even simple contributions to the staff, e.g. New to the team or Introducing us, are popular contributions in social media marketing.

What expectations do your customers have from a company page on Facebook?

Social media promotes the positioning, image promotion, and community building of your company. However, your customers expect one thing for sure – to receive a well-founded and uncomplicated answer to a question, including, for example, where is my shop order? or How can I contact customer service? Simplifies having a direct contact person for support and product information in the company.

What do I have to consider as a company and what other advantages do I have when using social media such as Facebook?

We would like to introduce you to some important findings when working with Facebook and which you should consider when using social media marketing in order to win new customers and to bind them to the company and your product or service.

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Be present where your customers are – it’s worth it!

First of all, be where your customers are, because every month up to two billion people use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family and to discover new topics and products. With your own Facebook page, you can target new prospects and turn them into loyal customers and build lasting customer relationships with them.

What content does my target group expect?

An army of consultants and studies deals daily and worldwide with the optimal text length. How does the image-to-text ratio have to be built up in order to generate the highest conversion rate? Do you get more likes with a video or a picture? All of this only plays a subordinate role in the first step. Because first of all, it is important that you give your customers the feeling, no matter where I come into contact with the company, that there is someone there who takes care of my concerns, because nothing is better than trust and trust is an important factor in customer service or the customer relationship. Ultimately, however, success on Facebook also depends on your own goals and the strategy used.

Companies come to us with a wide variety of requirements. This includes the aforementioned customer service, sales, for example through direct sales of the products, and increasing brand awareness.

How do I offer good customer service on my Facebook page?

Facebook already offers a number of fully automated response options with its own home remedies, for example with Facebook Messenger. Customers or prospects can ask a question and the messenger delivers a predefined answer and refers to a contact form on your website, for example. The integration of your own Facebook apps (e.g. forms) is also conceivable. Current information on opening times and/or answering “Where’s my order” and the delivery dates are popular topics on Facebook. It is also a good idea to train your employees in the use of social media such as Facebook. Because many of your employees are already on Facebook and are very familiar with the functions of the website.

Can Facebook help me increase my brand awareness?

With Facebook, you can not only expand your customer service but also increase your brand awareness and thus your visibility in social media. With the Facebook Business Manager, you can precisely define your target group and play out relevant content marketing and/or product campaigns. This not only increases the range but also allows you to adapt your goals at any time, e.g. with Lookalike Audiences or Custom Audiences. We would be happy to explain exactly how this works in a personal conversation.

I am a small local entrepreneur, is it worth using Facebook?

Especially as a company with a local focus within a radius of up to 30km, Facebook offers numerous functions and the opportunity to address target groups precisely. We also advise numerous entrepreneurs in the area of ​​local social media marketing and have made a significant contribution to awareness and sales. We would be happy to present you our references at a non-binding appointment.

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