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The Digital Perspective: What Is Online Marketing?

Do you have a digital perspective? It is said that digitization in German medium-sized companies is making great strides. You hear buzzwords everywhere, such as content marketing, storytelling, data-driven marketing, programmatic advertising – to name just a few. But the reality is often very different!

From our own experience, we can say that by no means all managing directors and company managers in the SME sector have internalized the basics of digital marketing for their company, let alone implemented them! So there is a lot of catching up to do in many executive boards. Especially when it comes to the holistic and comprehensive overview of the big topic “Online Marketing”. Digital beginners all too often get lost in the dense jungle of thousands of possibilities and details. You quickly no longer see the forest for the trees.

The following article is intended to provide a rough overview and present the basic ideas behind the various online marketing tools. It’s not about the details, just about the big picture. Here we go…

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The online marketing party

Let’s say you want to throw a big party – a really big party with as many guests as possible. The more guests come, the better for you!

What do you have to do to make your party a success?

Some necessary preparations are obvious:

  • You need a suitable location for your party – for example an old factory building. Without a suitable room, your party will always fail.
  • Your website would be the appropriate analogy.
  • The way to the factory should be well signposted and easy to find for your guests.
  • In online marketing we would speak of good Google visibility.
  • The subsequent path through the building complex to the actual party room in the basement should also be as intuitive as possible to find; Doors and corridors within the building should therefore be well labeled. After all, nobody should get lost.
  • What is meant is simple and clear navigation (menu structure) within your website.
  • Your guests should find everything at your party that they typically expect at a good party: nice people to talk to, delicious cocktails, a few appetizers, good music. This “content” is a major reason why your guests come in the first place!
  • Translated into the language of online marketing, we speak of “good, attractive and as unique as possible content”! A very important point! So don’t book a cheap band (→ when creating your content), but place value on quality here.

If you have successfully completed the above preparations, nothing stands in the way of a great night of partying. Your guests could come now (→ your website is up and filled with good content!)

Party without guests? Traffic is needed!

Unfortunately, this is exactly where the planning of many companies ends! Some companies have a (reasonably) good website. However, it is often forgotten to invite the right guests and to ensure that the booth is full. Because remember: People don’t just come by themselves just because I open my door!

So what would we do in real life?

Quite simply: We drum – and loud! For example, through the following easily understandable advertising measures:

  • Put up large, eye-catching posters on streets and squares (→ Display Advertising)
  • Send invitation cards to our acquaintances and friends
  • (→ e-mail marketing with the aim of “existing customers”)
  • Throw invitation cards in the mailboxes of neighbors and residents
  • (→ e-mail marketing with the aim of “lead generation”)
  • Lay out flyers in places where people are looking for “parties” (→ search ads)
  • Advertise your own event at other parties (→ Affiliate Marketing)
  • Post a notice on the university notice board (→ social media)
  • Target those people who like to party (→ programmatic advertising)

Of course, all these measures can only be successful if they are implemented well and professionally. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to put up any boring posters or hand out cheap, home-made flyers. Rather, the advertising media you use must offer an attractive eye-catcher, be exciting and simply make you want to go to the party (→ storytelling)

In the end, it’s always the party itself that simply has to be good! Only if you really offer your guests a great night of partying ( → positive user experience) will they be happy to come back next time. Good advertising alone is only half the battle. The product sold must also be good.

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