Get started In Marketing 2.0

We are facing a new revolution in the world of marketing. The almost forgotten offline marketing or traditional marketing has been left in the background, giving up the baton to digital marketing as a direct consequence of digitization and constant changes in customers’ needs.

Numerous concepts flood our day-to-day related to digital marketing every time we surf the Internet: Searching Engine Optimization, Searching Engine Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing. and a myriad of more anglicisms than they appear as marketing progresses.

To dissipate these small doubts little by little, we will explain everything you need to know about Marketing 2.0.

What is marketing 2.0?

The origins of Marketing 2.0 come from Web 2.0, coined by Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty in 2003. Web 2.0 encompasses all those websites that promote interaction and collaboration between users and the creation of content by them, with the ultimate aim of enriching the user experience. From that moment on, the Internet became a large community of users.

Thus, this type of marketing tries to attract the consumer through its actions, either through social networks or supported by some of the many services offered by the Internet. Its main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of consumers, who are its true protagonists., offering them products and services that differ from those of the competition and are fully adapted to different consumers.

On the contrary, Marketing 1.0 is totally product oriented. Its objective is to sell these products without considering the personalized needs that each client needs.

In Marketing 2.0, the strategy used is much more important than the tactic since we must also manage to position our products better than those of the competition. The customer is the centre, and therefore, all the necessary resources are invested to reach the consumer, attract them, satisfy them and, finally, retain them.

Get started in marketing 2.0 to know its advantages

The advantages of using Marketing 2.0 are endless, as well as its possibilities. We tell you some of the most important:

Minimization of advertising costs

Being a completely digital strategy, budgets are much more affordable than in traditional marketing. You had to deal with campaigns with prices, often exorbitant, in traditional media such as television.

Everything is measurable and analyzable

Thanks to the numerous tools that the Internet offers us for measuring digital campaigns, we can obtain in real-time everything we want to know about the results of our campaign with very precise information. You decide which parameters you want to measure, and the tools will do the rest through user interactions.


Get started in Marketing 2.0, and you will discover the possibilities it offers to modify and optimize the strategies of the different campaigns as many times as you want and redirects them depending on the objective you want to achieve.

Fully personalized segmentation of the target audience

This type of marketing allows us to carry out a much more detailed segmentation of the audiences we want to reach to reach the desired target audience, excluding those we are not interested in.

Ease of interaction between brand and customers

Marketing 2.0 facilitates relationships between users and brands through direct and two-way communication, establishing a link between the two that enables brands to get to know their audience more deeply (tastes, online behaviours, shopping habits …)

These are just some of the many benefits that the vast world of Marketing 2.0 offers. If you intend to dedicate yourself to it in a professional way, start in marketing 2.0 as soon as possible and in each of its areas, since the more complete your profile in Marketing skills, the more doors it will open when it comes to finding a good job in this sector Don’t wait any longer and get training in Marketing 2.0!

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