Learn To Use The New Low-cost Communication Tools In Your Business

Currently, the communication tools that all companies have at their disposal are varied, and the implicit cost does not depend on which ones to use but on the budget that can be dedicated. Social networks and, in general, the use of the Internet has democratized communication, and advertising and anyone can have a communication plan without investing thousands of euros.

The key to all this is to know what we want to transfer to the market from our media. See how to do it?

We think that the fundamental aspect in using any communication tool implies that the consumer finds you and that you have all your information well structured when it happens. This can be done with simple actions and a low budget, and to reach thousands of people, we will think about advertising investments that complement these first actions.

What do we understand by new communication tools?

The widespread use of the Internet broadened the horizon of communication. The clients of any company consume content of all kinds on social networks, blogs and applications, so any professional or organization must work these spaces so that they are available at any time.

The key to digital spaces is that they have evolved. The Internet has been in our lives for many years, but perhaps not so much the new use of communication tools, which allows us to establish direct interactions with the target audience and learn about many of their tastes. And behaviours when buying. It is what we call communication 2.0.

Let’s see how to apply this style of communication in various digital spaces:

Web 2.0

Having a website for any business implies explaining from a dynamic space how we can help people looking for products and services like ours. We cannot depend on others talking about us; we must have our means to speak with authority about our presence in the market and show ourselves as we are.

In addition, a simple website is a dynamic space that can be complemented with very powerful 2.0 tools (it implies extra costs, of course…) such as an online store, a blog, and spaces in which to host: forums, wikis with frequently asked questions, videocast or podcast and endless ways to express a business vision in which our followers are reflected and can lead them to be our customers.


Through the blog, we enter the world of SEO positioning and interaction with our target audience. A corporate blog allows us to use the keywords most of interest to consumers and express how we work based on them. The comments of the blog can give us the opinion of the users and check if the way we communicate is positive, in addition to helping us to test products or services through direct questions.

Social networks

What to say about social networks applied to a business? That they are the quintessential low-cost communication tool. We can build an image of our services and correctly configure social profiles to transmit our image and ways of contacting through simple publications. The fundamental premise is to create exclusive business users and not mix personal and professional activity.

Networks can help you in many ways. In addition to the publications that make up a vision towards the market, you can work with:

Messaging plugins to facilitate contact

Examples are Messenger, WhatsApp Business or Instagram Direct.

Video functionalities

They help you make your message viral and reach a greater number of users: Instagram reels, Facebook video library or Tik Tok.

Ads manager

Practically all networks allow you to carry out paid campaigns to achieve more reach and segment the audience appropriately. You may think we would already be abandoning ‘low cost’ as a strategy, but this is not the case. Network advertising is very cheap, and you can reach many thousands of people on tiny budgets.

Reviews & Ratings Apps

As consumers, we rely on unbiased opinions, especially from people like us, with no commercial interests. As a company, we want them to speak well of us, so we must encourage good clients to write in spaces dedicated to opinions, in addition to reflecting their experience with us in their own spaces. Implementing a block on the web with opinions of the most prominent clients or publishing an interview on the blog would be ideal actions to enhance a good image.

They are fundamental applications for the management of reviews:

Google My Business

It is Google’s platform for local businesses. It is based on having a space in Google that is associated with the activity of your business ( My Business ). This space allows you to appear on Maps, make publications, upload photos, and most importantly: that customers write reviews and recommendations. Being close to a five-star rating is a guarantee of success.

Recommendations on Facebook pages

By having a company page, users can recommend their experience with the business. Until 2020, there was a numerical rating. Today it can only be recommended or not recommended, being able to leave a review.


It is the largest travel platform globally, so if your business is related to the hospitality industry, having good reviews is essential to maintain a good reputation.

With these simple, low-cost tools that we have discussed, we can now have elements to implement a communication strategy that allows us to be available when users search for us. However, to take advantage of all this social and digital framework, knowledge is needed to do it well and with the sense to get the most out of it.

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